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Bardsley has pretty much said what i want to say....
hmmm... Christoph, We're very similar just comming from 180 degrees, if that makes sense... I'm glad to see that your smart enough to relize that ben laden isn't stuipid... and we shouldn't under estimate him....
Still... I knida get what your saying... but from what i know (which i admit isn't enough to enter a debate about), the UN does more good than harm... I'll go do my reaserch when i do my HUGE maths exams on the 8th and 12th *heart pounds relizing I should be doing some more revision instead of this*
Oh yeah before i forget, I went to your site, very good, It's nice an pretty. Unfortunatly you chose using frames... oh well... Just joking it's a nice site... I had a listen to your sound files, the acoustic celtic/ blues thing is VERY good, Did you write that? If you did, I'm quite impressed...

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