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It's interesting how some things can be argued against from such different perspectives. The anti-globalisation debate has been taken up by left-wingers who are against the corporate globalisation that favours large companies and large countries over others, while the hard right are against the globalisation because of their desire to keep closed borders against other countries. I think that many people have a problem with the UN becaus ethey se it basically as the US further pushing their agenda through dominance while making the UN appear as somehting that can make decisions that will be good for all countries. I doubt this is why you, Cristoph would have a problem with it, though you seem to have a similar idea in a way.

The way agreements and disagreements are seen in these political forums have been really interesting because they show the ways in which it is hard to define people as being simply left wing, or right wing, for instance. It has been made clear through history how communism and fascism end up being very similar, despite the completely opposing ideologies behind them, and it is interesting the way that I agree with some of Cristoph's ideas, despite being fairly liberal in beliefs, and often taking issue with what I see as being imperialist ideologies. That we can see an agreement between Osama and Cristoph is funny, because it shows the way that people from completely different viewpoints can see something as bad for completely (often contradictory) reasons.
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