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Originally posted by vrnorman
If you were really smart, I don't think that you would echo the words of a fool.

I think it was our very own Educatedfilm who once said that the stupidest always talk back the loudest. Thank you for finally proving his point.

Mr. Bin Laden is many things, but he is certainly not a fool. He is a very calculating and devious man who knows what he wants and knows how to accomplish it. He proved this on Sept 11. To underestimate your enemy and call him a fool only guarantees your own demise.

The Romans thought the peoples of the European steppes were nothing more than barbaric fools, and look what happened to them.

I'm starting to sound like Educatedfilm here (maybe we're not so different after all), but in order to defeat your enemy you have to understand them, their motives, and their goals. Every person, no matter what their cause, always believes that God is on their side and that their way is the only right one. In this sense, everything is relative, and the winner is he who presses his agenda the hardest and with the most conviction. (why do you think the Taliban are out there claiming all sorts of civilian casualties?)

Nope, Bin Laden is no fool, and we'd be fools to think that he is.

Ed, in my opinion, the U.N. is a "tool of crime" in that it's nothing more than a means for the global elite to centralize power in a world government and take our freedoms away. :cool: