what up allllllll?

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i'm back....

been around here a bit to check the prgress... just haven't been able to participate much... got a new job that took me down to evnasville, in for about 6 months now i'm in indianapolis, in..... which isn't good because i'm a bears fan.... met a lot of bad ass people down in eville though. met a guy that is now one of my best friends who is an indie rap/hiphop artist. he goes by CasOne... so check him out. awesome unsigned artist. not really the normal hiphop either... it's quite a bit deeper.

but i got into a relationship right when i left for eville..... did the long distance thing while i was down there. one of the coolest chicks i've ever known... see the pic thread for some pics. haha. we're currently not together after i transferred up to indy. we're at different places in our lives... it happens. so i'm back to my old ways. trying to get some session work setup for me and Cas and his Dj... he wants to get a band together so i may jump into that and see how that goes... other than that i haven't been getting as much gear as i normally have been... money was going elsewhere... haha. still ontop of my game though... ive grown a lot in a lot of different ways... might post some of my songs in the listening post very shortly... i'm looking forward to getting back into it though. worrrrrd.
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Hey dude.... good to see you again. Sounds like you've been busy... :cool:

I'll go check out CasOne... and look forward to hearing your tunes

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Who is this guy? :p
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