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11/14/2007 11:13 am
I have no idea of what you are trying to accomplish. As I stated before, I don't like to think to much when listening to music. I want the story line to be plain and simple, enjoyable, and entertaining. I tried to think once, but it hurt!-Curly of the 3 Stooges.

Keep it simple.


The horses are at the starting gates,
You can feel the tension in the air.
There off! Running down the straight,
In the lead is the old gray mare.

As they come around the outside,
The lead is taken by Buttercup.
I stomp the ground and begin to cry,
Man! I am ..... out of luck! (fool ya!)

Not much better in the human race.
My heart broke as she turns her face.
Out the door and out of my life.
To the tub I walk with a butcher's knife.

Not my best work, but what do you expect in 3 minutes?
The point is tell the story. Don't make the audience wonder!