Peavey Backstage Gutiar Amp

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07/06/2007 6:05 pm
Peavey Backstage Guitar Amp

Price: $60-$79

-Low Price ($60-$79 depending where you buy)
-Small size, great for in home practice
-Great sounding clean line
-Transtube technology, emulates tubes
-Loud for its size

-Buzzy sounding overdrive
-Low customization of sound
-Can't really be used to anything other than in home practice, DO NOT GIG WITH

10 watts (rms)
6.5 inch custom designed speaker
TransTubeĀ® preamp with 2 switchable channels
Volume and Overdrive controls
2-band EQ
Tape/CD input for practice
Headphone jack

My Review:

The backstage amp is one of the cheapest practice amps money can buy. It is small and size though it packs a powerfull punch, thanks to its Transtube technology. The amp is loud and sounds great through a clean line, though if you try and use the overdrive feature you will find that it has a really loud annoying buzz with most pickups. The amp features only two equalization controls, and doesnt really offer much for setting bass and trebel.


If you are looking for an amp at a low price, I can recomend this one. It sounds great through a clean line, but not so great with the overdrive feature. Although you can get the Crate FlexWave FW15 Guitar Combo Amp for the same price and it has many more features and in my oppinon is better all around.
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