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I have Crate Blue VooDoo I am selling for $800 since I now have the Mesa Triple Recto. Someone is willing to make $100 dollar payments weekly and have already paid $200. They are using it in a good friend of mines band(he is in charge of it until it is paid off, it stays at his house). this means 6 weeks until it is paid off. I have an old band mate who just got back from Afghanistan and is willing to give me $700 cash next weekend. Do I really need my next guitar sooner rather than later?? :rolleyes: if I sell it to old band means $100 dollars less, I have to give the kid $200 back and I get the guitar next weekend. if I sell it to the kid I get $100 more and get my guitar in 5 weeks, if he makes all his payments on time. suggestions?? :confused:
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