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06/16/2007 2:51 am
ok hey yall, i decided to post another song, now dont worry this ones not that good , but not as bad as the other song i posted :p needless to mention that one, but this is a song ive worked on all day today, and like i said its not that great of a song, uh i guess you'd say it came from the heart, i dont talk about my feelings so i decided to write them but also using a few extras.. i guess um all comments are appreciated and advice too i would like to get better at writin songs, neways so i hope yall enjoy its kinda short but i dont want to make it too long so im still deciding if its done.oh and it sounds better with the music. :D

Day by Day

people see me just as some white trash
just cuz i could use a little extra cash
and cuz i dont understand this life of today
never knowin whats gonna get in your way,
so they just say, im wastin my life away.... day by day

so as i sit and ponder in my thoughts of despair
then i look up and see her picture hangin there
and i catch myself wonderin what i'd be like
if she was still here livin with me.... day by day

maybe things would be different
maybe then i wouldnt be so alone,
if only she wasnt gone
i know im gonna see her one day,
but oh how i wish that day was today
if only i could have it my way

so i try to remember all our times, by day
she was the best sister anyone could ever have
even when i made her mad
and as i come back to my senses
i realize my thoughts are just endless

and what good does thinkin do
unless you can act upon your thoughts too .... day by day
but i feel like im spendin the rest of my life waitin for just one day
is that .... pointless...or relentless ... but i guess theres no way to say
maybe i really am just white trash
in need of a little cash..... wastin my life away.... day by day
No snowflake in an avalanche ever feels responsible.