Monster Cable vs George L's?

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Well, I am now needing to get my pedal board up and running again, and was wondering if anyone had a preference on this matter?

I use a Monster cable from my guitar into my board, and now need another one to come out of my board to my amp.
I have used George L's cables for the same purpose in the past and wasn't so happy with the results.
However for the patch cables from pedal to pedal, I dont think it'll be necesarry to fork out so much cash for Monster cable path cables...

What do you guys think?
Monster Cable Or George L's patch cables?
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I've used George Ls for years with no problems. What exactly did you not like about them? They do tend to tangle a bit but that happens with most/all cables. Because of the short lengths, I thing the George Ls will be best.
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I'd go with the George L's. Simply because they will be a little cheaper, and by far easier to repair if one gets damaged. For patch cables, they will sound as good, if not better, than the overpriced Monster cables.
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