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Dick Dale
My sis lives in North Jersey so she gets to see all the great shows in NYC---she got these last night....p.s. I did not know he played ala Albert King style with upside down stringing

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Saw him last year in Pittsburgh. Truly one of the most amazing shows I have ever seen. If you ever get the chance, go. It's something you won't forget.
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its backwards....

I dont like that.... :eek:
JK :cool:

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I don't like it either lol. I don't see why people would prefer to play it like that. It would be easier to play lower notes on it I guess.
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The reason peeps play "upside down" is simple. They are leftys and have access mostly to other peeps right handed strung guitars. Simple, flip it over and learn. I took the other tack. I'm lefty but learned to play conventional right handed strung guitars. It's how he felt comfortable :p
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