Randy Rhoads

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I just have a question,

Did he have any other projects apart from Ozzy either before he became Ozzys guitarist or during that time or if he did any session work or other people?

Ive been really getting in to his stuff lately and I want to know if hes done any different stuff. I know he was classically trained so I dont know if he has anything more down that road.

By the way whats your favourite Rhoads solo?

Mines Goodbye To Romance at the moment, but it was the live Paranoid performance that got me interested about a year ago.
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quiet riot

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randy rhoads is an unbeleiveable guitar player to bad he wasnt around that long. RIP

my fav solo is earth relevation its really melodic but goodbye to romance definitly kicked ass

u should check out zakk wylde ozzy has a cd called ozzy loud and live and they play alot of old ozzy and zakk just straight kicks ass on it. ozzys semi present guitarist Joe Holmes was actually taught by rhandy himself pretty kick ass i think
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Maybe you've already heard his song "Dee".
If you havent, please do.
Its one of his classical pieces which I think is breathtaking.
He rocks.
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My Favourite Randy Rhoads solo is the Mother Earth one.It is fantastic
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The Mr. Crowley solo rocks.
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his free time solo from the live suicide solution is mind blowing as well
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"Suicide" is good...
"Revelation" is great...
"Over the Mountain" is breathtaking...


Oh yeah, he was in Quiet Riot for a couple of years.
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