Annoying Loops!

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I just want to start a list of songs with annoying sound bytes that are looped over and over again. So just list a few, I'll Start,

Jump Around- House of Pain, that annoying screamin sound.

Beverly Hills- Weezer, the sound of that woman saying something (just listen to the song haha).
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All rap music that just has some random guy in the background making making random noises. Not to mention the same exact track playing over and over again throughout the entire song.
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I don't remember the name of the song, but it was by that French dance band - I think they were called Modjo? The whole song was just this one loop with some colourless vocals singing inane lyrics over the top and a few treble-to-bass fades thrown in to make it "interesting"... it was like banging your head against a brick wall in time with a dance beat. It wasn't "Lady", which was actually okay, it was their second single off that album. Also, the rap remix of Lenny Kravitz' "All of My Life" was based on the most grating loop in the world - it should be banned by the Geneva Convention.

But I don't hate all loop-based songs: I really like a lot of Fatboy Slim's stuff, and he uses heaps of loops.
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Hey Ho Hey Ho Hey Ho Hey Ho (Throw ur hands up in the air like ya just dont care) Hey Ho Hey Ho. Hey Yo Gimmy A Break
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Originally Posted by: JFRICKAfro Man.....Because I got high.
Oh Yeah, I like That one dude
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Most are used as a hook................. and people like repetition, over and over and over and over and..............................................................
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I'm not big into rap, but there are some artists and other's songs I like. But one DMX song, Where the Hood At I think its called, throught the song theres this part where he gos "yo, yo , yo yo yo and theres like 50 people behind that saying it. I like the song, but everytime that part comes up, it just ruins the flow of the song.
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