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05/27/2007 2:25 am
A guest, a what, A guest at the door
In all my years I've never seen this before
A man as tall as two men high and
breathing gas that burns my eyes
A large black cloak is all he wears
and through my soul his stern gaze tears
his ribs show through his thin white skin
a monster I bet could dwell within
For though he breathes and his heart does beat
a void I sense in him so deep
a stone dropped in it would not sound
for a million years there is no ground
And when I ask him what he wants
"your soul" is all his hoarse voice taunts
and to him I show my only hope
the courage of one to see the rope
that hangs from god into the void
and hangs for whom in life enjoyed
enlightened thoughts of open minds
and in their life they searched to find
the truth not lies and they may have seen
that what is thought to be unclean
Is what is needed to escape
their death by "men" who wear black capes

newer version I noticed some problems in the first one and fixed them. Some wording things that didn't make sense and added two lines to qualify the the last line, which didn't really make sense the way I had it.