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05/12/2007 6:37 am
Hey, seeing as I have been around here a bit and commenting on other peoples songs I figured I better start contributing something real.

I am going to post three songs, or poems, I don't really know what they are. I came to the realization tonight, while recording a song, that I have almost enough music to make an album, but I have no lyrics... well very few. That is until tonight. In light of my realization that I could actually begin to work to actually get something real put together I have gone back and searched through my stuff.

I think I might do a concept album, as my first ever... maybe a bit ambitious maybe not. I don't know. Anyway the music I am recording is actually kinda good, at least in my opinion and I feel really good about myself today in general. It will likely be a solo album, maybe a guest artists ;) here or there. you know my neighbor, the guy on the 8th floor I know. Who knows the point is that I have become much less apprehensive about making music since I realized I could actually do it. It may not be the best stuff ever, but I can still do it.

Anyway, I am sorry Im rambling I but its late and Im in one of those moods. SO without further ado three songs I wrote tonight in chronological order. I am going to finish at least a rough version of this new song tomorrow I hope so I will be sure to put it in the listening post, I am not sure if I am going to fit any of these lyrics in it yet, if I do it will be the first one.

No title yet, maybe "Ego Death"

Broken bodies in a heap, reaching the sky that wretched peak,
Their pain is the weight of sin, although they have never been
Believers of the ancient, the religion of the damned
reaching for a broken moon, swoon, awaken your eyes
to the world after dark,

black moon blank stare open air
all the horses of all his men
could not outrun the end

And when the Earth is all gone, a Wasteland grey, flat and long
with the blue sky looking down, after all we have to frown
and see that we were here, long before we knew of tears
and when you see you haven't moved, a chill for all those years will
possess your spine, you died

No moon, no stare, no eyes
just knowledge of what was when
you had a life in sin

Time does not exists, your here, in an instant stretched out
forever in a single thought, and every thought at one time
and no place for surely you, can be anywhere and still
be nowhere if you want, but you don't want anymore
you don't exist now go

the next life needs you
Soft little Nightmare

Soft little nightmare hold you tight
a wolf, a crow the coming light
nevermore might sound the cry
of the one little nightmare
who wouldn't die

here's my fav I think

"the Guest?" maybe not sure I like the title, not wierd enough I think.

A guest, a what, A guest at the door
In all my years I've never seen this before
A man as tall as two men high and
breathing gas that burns my eyes
his ribs show through his thin white skin
a monster I bet could dwell within
For though he breathes and his heart does beat
a void I sense in him so deep
a stone dropped in it would not sound
for a million years there is no ground
And when I ask him what he wants
"your soul" is all his hoarse voice taunts
and to him I show my only hope
the courage of one to see the rope
that hangs from god into the void
and brings to whom in life enjoyed
enlightened thoughts of open minds
and in their life they search to find
the truth not lies and they may have seen
that what is thought to be unclean
Is what is needed to escape
their death by "men" who wear black capes


Well there you have it. I need to get used to sharing my stuff with people and just excepting what they tell me. I don't at all have a problem with criticism and I want everyone to be more than honest even if you like it please give me something at least give me some idea of the imagery you were seeing or how parts made you feel.

My biggest problem is showing people I know my things because I always feel like maybe when I am expressing myself I am touching on things completely foreign to my friends perception of me. Anyone have experience with this? Maybe I should just get over it.

Anyway if you read everything thanks for putting up with my ramblings.