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05/06/2007 12:10 am

it is 899.99
629.99 Guitar Center Price

but i got it for just around 550.00 including a free freedom case and great leather strap which is super comfortable, a really good deal from a cool guy at guitar center.

- 24 fret Maple Neck
- Rosewood Fretboard
- American made: Seymour Duncan SH-1nRP '59 Reverse Polarity humbucker at the neck and SHPGP-1b Pearly Gates Plus humbucker at the bridge.
- Neck thru
- Two-point synchronized tremolo bridge
- Locking tuners
- 5 lane switch
- Smoked-Chrome Hardware
- Abalone dot inlays
- C-shaped maple set neck has a 15.75”-radius rosewood fingerboard

- Beautiful design
- Super comfortable
- Super clean sound, yet can also get as much crunch as you need
- Very crisp sounds, the warm/cool knob provides EXCELLENT tone
- NECK THRU gives you incredible sustain (only fender neck thru model)
- Easy navigation on the neck
- Easy on the hands/wrists

- Made in Korea
- the 24 frets are a little harder to bend and keep your sound way up on the neck, it just takes some practice and getting used to, but then you can do it.

This guitar is hands down, the most comfortable guitar i have ever picked up and played. the way the C shape body is gives you plenty of room to hit all 24 of those frets. the 5 way switch gives you immensely good sounds, from rich warm rhythms to crisp clean leads. this guitar can do it all. and it is a great price for such craftsmanship. i have played my share of high end guitars. big names like Fender and Gibson, PRS, Carvin. I love PRS guitars, but they are awfully pricey, i would get one but i do not have the money :) maybe one day when i save up. the other fenders i have played have mainly been american series strats and tele's, both of which are also amazing guitars. i just find the showmaster's neck way more comfortable. im not the biggest fan of Gibsons. they undoubtedly deserve the reputation they have, they are nice guitars. i just do not prefer them over my guitar. carvins are also great too, the ones i have played atleast. but again, the neck of the showmaster surpasses in playability and comfortability over all of these guitars. it is super smooth.

Overall, i rate this guitar a 10 out of 10. that sounds very cliche, but it is just an all around amazing guitar. i have fallen in love with it time after time. (especially when i go thru and tune it all up, repolish it, and then look at it =D)

Give this guitar a good check next time you go browsing.