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So heres a little acoustic folk-rockish ditty I came up with earlier, mainly as a test of a bunch of new effects I got onto Kristal.

Don't pay attention to the words. :rolleyes:

Sound Click only get the full effect with headphones on. merrr. enjoy?
JK :cool:

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Julian Vickers
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Nice recording quality man. Good sound on those acoustic guitars. I got nothing much else to say! :o
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earthman buck
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Here's the epic saga of me trying to download this song:

Last night I saw this and thought "Rockonn has a music page? I am musting to listen." So I clicked download, and an hour and a half later, it crapped out at 70% (yes, that's how slow dial-up can be, kids).

So today at school in my spare, I downloaded it and cranked it, enjoying it muchly.

Now I have to try and download it again tonight, because I liked it that much.

Good stuff, little buddy. :)
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That, my friend, was shear and utter brilliance. It made me smile the entire time. Almost wanting to laugh because it was so whacked out, yet so great at the same time. Very nice job. Keep it up.
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hahaha thanks guys. :D

If you liked that, click the JK link in the sig, theres much more of that where it came from.
JK :cool:

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Bar Chord Nick
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Very strange but I enjoyed it. I thought the guitars where great and I think you have a pretty good voice too.
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