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the sustain on this strat is unbelievable....I put my ear to the horn, strum(unplugged)and it is rich, full and actually grows in volume before fading!!!...I have never had a guitar do that(it is pretty heavy for a strat--swamp ash).... thanks to Lats for the Ampeg suggestion...this amp has incredible tone and the best reverb I have heard ever. I was shocked by size of the amp...I thought it would be much G.A.S. is relieved for quite sometime.
got the whole sha-bang for $700

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Nice guitar, nice amp and most of all nice Pink Floyd Dark Side of the Moon Pants :D
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Good stuff. I love strats. I have a mustang which is as close as it gets, but not the same. I've always known Ampeg to be primarily a bass amp company. Learn something new everyday.
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Welcome to the Stratocaster family brother!!
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Yeah some great kit there bro :cool: glad your enjoyin it, nice strides too sir :)
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Congratulations! Pretty sweet looking setup you've got there!
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Kickass! Congratulations, dude!
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