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hey guys.
I just wanna know all of your thoughts on this.

My brother is a bassist as many of you know or knew, and he has a fine collection of basses...anyway, thats not the point. He keeps all of his non-hard finish basses oiled.

I have an Ibanez Mmm1 Baritone that I have had for three years now and have never oiled...should I dab some linseed oil on the beast? would it hurt it? I cant see how it would...seems the right thing to do right? It is a Mahog guitar, and not finished at all (though I presume it is sealed).

what do you think?

Aschleman, I know you have an opinion on this matter that I am likely to listen start shouting yo
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I'm actually pretty familiar with this guitar... The truth about it is, it's actually clear matte finished. It's a similar finish to the old school super thin nitro finishes that they put on old Fender and Gibsons back in the 50's and 60's... Except it's a completely clear finish. The nitrocellulose finish is different from a lot of other finishes because it allows the wood to breath naturally rather than trapping it all in. It does protect from moisture absorption which is no doubt your concern...

Long story short, you don't need to oil this guitar because when Ibanez makes it they rub an oil on the wood to give it that nice color that it has... then they seal it shut with a super thin layer of matte nitrocellulose... Matte, for those are familiar with the term... just means that they don't sand it down... They leave it rough and dull looking. Which is what gives the guitar it's natural wood look. So oiling the guitar wouldn't really do you any good...

Nice axe though.
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