Adrian Smith guitar

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slightly modded :rolleyes:
I count 7 knobs and two switches...
how many knobs??
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built in 16 track reel to reel in there ?
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To this day, I can't get over the excellence of Dave Murray.
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Originally Posted by: jiujitsu_jesusTo this day, I can't get over the excellence of Dave Murray.

I'm with ya on that Bro. He plays with intense feeling and takes you along for the ride.
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The great song to bad song ratio of Maiden is quite unbelievable. I mean, I can only think of a select few songs I actually dislike. And most of those were in the Blaze Bailey days. But Blaze had some decent songs also.
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It's a synth guitar... It's got a Roland pickup inbetween the two buckers.

Fender just came out with a new VG Strat that has a Roland in it that allows you to select from standard tunings as well as between tele and strat sound, humbucker single coil sounds, and acoustic and twelve string sounds... With a flick of a switch it synths the guitar into alternate tunings too... drop d, open g, modal d, standard, and some other common ones.... Pretty cool stuff.

Synth guitars were all the rage back in the 80's.
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I think Steve Harris is a underrated Bassist.
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