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03/31/2007 12:25 pm
Originally Posted by: Julian Vickers1. The authentic cadence (or full cadence) is a V-I chord progression
A half cadence is a II-V or IV-V chord progression
A Plagal cadance (or modal cadence) is a IV - I chord progression
A Deceptive cadence is a V-VI chord progression

2. The neapolitan 6th chord is usually played as the first inversion of a major chord on the b2 of the major key. It can function as a II chord before going to a V.

3. A mode is a scale that is derived from a parent scale

4. Voice leading is where one plays chords with the top note of the chord suggesting a melody

5. Cmaj9add11 - C E G B D F

Random note: Cmaj9add11 is almost never used in jazz or anything, a more common chord would be Cmaj9#11

6. I = Tonic
II = Supertonic
III = Mediant
IV = Sub dominant
IV = Dominant
VI = Submediant/Superdominant
VII = Leading tone/Subtonic

7. I would go out on a limb and say 8th notes

3. Actually, a scale is a set of notes with certain intervallic relationships, yet without a tonal center. A mode has a tonal center. This is why a given scale has several different mode. For example, the C Major scale--when taken to have C as its tonal center--becomes C Ionian. So, a mode is a scale that has a tonal center.

5. Fair enough. I'm not sure why the note was necessary.

2. Eh, I should have been more specific, I was more going for 'to promote a sense of drama.' That's usually what the romantics used it for. But yes, it functions as the supertonic going to the dominant as well.
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