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R. Shackleferd
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R. Shackleferd
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03/17/2007 7:36 am
So I'm getting ready to move and I came across this notebook I had kinda forgot about from about a year and a half ago. It was my own version of remote viewing trials. It's not remote viewing in the strictest standards though (actual physical remote locations)...the CIA and Army Intel set up scientific protocols more rigid than mine for sure, but for my own purposes I made do. But any science experiment needs peer reviews...

Here was my basic premise:
I borrowed 3 Time-Life books (known from experience to have pictures on every page) that I never read. Removing the slip-sleeve covers left them almost indistinguishable from each other (save for the binding titles). After "shuffling" these sufficiently I laid them in a row and would roll a dye for a 1, 2, or 3, corresponding to which book I would target. Then, since I didn't have a random # generator, I would sometimes look at serial #'s on things, or do crazy arithmetic on a calculator, or even just roll the dye again 2-3 times to "generate" a page # target within range. And say I came up with 89...that would naturally include 88 to get the span of both pages when the book was open and vice versa for even #'s. Then of course I would relax for 10 minutes or so with a notepad writing down any images or impressions I felt. Then I would open the book to the target pages and compare.
I did this about 5 times I think. 3 of the 5 were either total failures or any similarities were too vague and/or interpretive to be worthy of note. 2 of them I might interpret as fairly close hits though. This is one of them.
[U]Great Discoveries[/U] pg's 30-31

Impressions: (while I would sometimes draw what I "saw", this instance I only wrote words)
the west
the moon
a helmet of some kind
Sphinx and/or mullet hairdo
flyfishing rod

The big picture shows King Tut's burial mask, top right is sarcophagus with mural on walls, and bottom right is statue of Tut on a skiff (boat) holding a spear in one hand and coiled rope in the other.

Analysis: (in white as to not affect other interpretations)
The 1st 2 impressions of west and the moon are obviously missing. The west is both too broad and too vague to register accuracy anyways (for what's it's worth, I've since learned that Egyptians related west with death), while the moon has come up before in previous viewings, always a miss. What this may mean of being a recurrent subconscious or conscious image is worth questioning if only for weeding out for better accuracy.
Main title page picture obviously matches the helmet and sphinx or mullet. Helmet is accurate in that the mask is a full head covering. Sphinx is both accurate in that the face does resemble the mask, and the obvious ancient Egyptian connection, but it is missing just because the target isn't the actual Sphinx despite similarities. Mullet is accurate only generally due to the draping and fanning out of gold down the back of the neck. The final picture could correspond to final impression of flyfishing rod. He stands on a skiff with coiled rope and a spear, which might have just been assumed by my rational logic to be a fly-rod, being more familiar to me than a spear, but again in the strictest sense, it's not a fly-rod.

I welcome any thoughts or criticisms. Obviously a book with single pictures would've narrowed the focus, but hey they were free...I didn't really want to spend money on an expensive photography book or whatever.
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