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02/16/2007 4:51 am
Originally Posted by: maestro shazAnyone got tips for EQing drums???

2 crashes
Hi, Mid, Floor tom

Just to get some starters....

And also another thing, I've been experimenting with Compression on drums...

It's seems to work well with the snare, but with the kick it doesnt really sound good no matter how much i tweak the settings....

Well basically, I wanna know, what to compress? Do I have to do it or does it depend on the actually sample of the kit???

When and where should I use compression on drums and how to EQ them is basically all im asking :p Hope u understand

Ah, quite the common problem. The drum is just too loud, too percussive, and too much for most recording mics to capture well. First of all, you need to make sure each mic you use corresponds to the tonal soundscape it is set to record.

Example: I wouldn't mic the bass drum with an SM-57, because the SM-57 has its best response in the mid-range of frequencies, with a peak at the point bewteen mid and high.

Assuming you've got the right setup and gear, continue down the line to your EQ.

The problem here is that different styles of drumming require different sets of EQ--you may want a really wet snap to the snare, or perhaps you want it to sound dry for a clean march beat...each of these require different EQ.

So, first, you should picture what sound you want.

As far as just a general rock sound, I'd say roll down the bass decibels just a hair, and turn up the mids a bit. That will give that snare-and-hi-hat-in-your-face punchy sound.
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