will this work?

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If I got a mesa triaxis could I plug it into the effects loop of my SS amp and just play?
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It would work, but I hope it would just be a temporary setup. Also, make sure you plug your guitar into the triaxis and the triaxis' into the amps effects return, instead of plugging your guitar into the amp, and the amps effects send into the triaxis input and the triaxis output into the amps effects return.
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I want to figure out a way to get alot out of the triaxis even at low volumes because tube amps at low volumes just dont do it for me you dont get that great sound it does when its loud so i dont know what to do
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sound-proof your room and buy some industrial earplugs :D

but really id just say buy a very low wattage tube amp or modeling practice amp for at home if you really need the tone. otherwise prepare to have fun meeting new neighbors through talking with cops about why you felt it was appropriate to run through your black label society song book at three AM on full blast. :)
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Another approach would be to build an isolation box to put your amp into. If you have a separate cab (think 4x12) then just keep the head out side the iso box and just put the cab in. If its a combo amp then then only thing you need to worry about here is the trapped heat inside the box from the amp. There are ways around this but a simple solution is to simply only have the amp on while you are playing/recording. This is alot cheaper than trying to engineer a sound proof room (quite complex and expensive) and also easier on your ears in the long run.
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THD Hotplate ;) look into them :)
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