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It's getting to be that time of year again where the winter tours start to come back for one last go 'round...

I just bought myself two tickets to see Aaron Lewis's solo acoustic tour in Indianapolis on March 3rd.... pretty pumped about that!!!!

Also headin to see Black Label Society on April 4th in Indianapolis as well...

What concerts are you guys lookin at headin to and/or what concerts are you most excited for this Spring/Summer???

I've got my Bonaroo '07 Music and Arts Festival tickets on hold as well!!! I'll get to see Keller Williams, Widespread Panic, Gov't Mule/Warren Haynes, Trey Anastacio, North Mississippi All Stars, String Cheese... a whole slew of killer jam bands... I think Dave Matthews is suppose to be there again this year... he normally kicks off his summer tour at Bonarro which means I'll get to see him at Bonaroo... then turn around and see him again when he comes to Indianapolis!!!

I love concert season.
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RATM at Coachella! 'nuff said! :cool:
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Originally Posted by: aschleman
Also headin to see Black Label Society on April 4th in Indianapolis as well..
Im going too!
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Originally Posted by: DAMAGED ONEIm going too!

You're goin to the Indy show??? That would be cool.
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Lamb of God and Trivium are playing a show here in March, I'm hoping to go to that. Then theres Stone Sour and Shadows Fall in May. Then mabey Van Halen in the summer. But I'm definatly going to Warped Tour and mabey even Ozzfest.
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Went to 'Big Day Out' a few days ago.. which was Tool, Trivium, Muse, John Butler Trio, Eskimo Joe, The Killers.

Roger Waters last night - he actually pulled it off well. Played Dark Side of the Moon and loads of others. Still had the signature Floyd sound. Sad it wasn't the whole band though.

I'm seeing Eric Clapton tonight which is going to be wicked.
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I've seen 'em 3 times already, but still looking forward to ZZ Top in a couple of weeks.
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Wolfmother is coming to town in a few weeks. I still haven't decided if I'm willing to spend money to see them, though.
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Well I just got back from the Winnipeg leg of the Scars Remain Tour. Which, for those of you who don't know, is the new Disciple album. Decyfer Down and Fireflight were there too. It was a pretty wild show, we broke through the front rail and got right up to the stage. The security guards were going to try and stop us, but thought better of it. :) As far as what else I'm going to, I have no idea. Wolfmother maybe. I think it's too late for Eric Clapton now. Dammit, I should have gone to the Tragically Hip when they were here. Stupid concert season.
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Originally Posted by: earthman buckWolfmother is coming to town in a few weeks. I still haven't decided if I'm willing to spend money to see them, though.

I got XM radio in my shop at work and found myself listening to Ethal alot (its an alternitive rock station) and they play alot of Wolfmother. I would love to catch one of there shows. Realy like the sound of "Joker and the Thief". Im so
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Originally Posted by: Homebrew1709RATM at Coachella! 'nuff said! :cool:

We have a ton of gigs the next couple of months here in LA.
The Who, Incubus, 'Lamb of God -Triv -Machinehead', James Taylor, Clapton, Bob Seger and believe it or not Styx.
Then comes the Big Dog--------COACHELLA;;;;;;Crazy with over 500,000 expected to attend. It's amazing that "Rage" is reuniting to headline the final day. It Will be surreal there with RATM on stage belting out-- "They RALLY ROUND Tha FAMILY"-- and then 1/2 Million people Yell -- "With A Pocket Full OF SHELLS"!!!!!!!!!
I have to agree with Homebrew--- "RATM at Coachella! 'nuff said"!
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