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Ok my tone on my 7 string guitar isn't doing it for me, and yes as the thread name implies, I want new pickups. for the neck pickup I want something with a great creamy lead tone and in the bridge I was thinknig of going for a D sonic 7 because it should give me that great rhythm sound but a lead tone also.

Could you tell me what pickups Petrucci uses in the neck or anything that would give me more of a smooth petrucci ish lead?

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The Dimarzio's in the EBMM Petrucci 7 string are custom built for that guitar only but according to Dimarzio the closest approximation is an Air Norton at the neck and a Steve Special or D Sonic at the bridge. Neither of those combos will be exact but they will be as close as you can get. The techs at Dimarzio are pretty helpful. Just email them with what you are looking for and they will make a recommendation.
If you want fairly close but less harsh and creamier tone, try an Air Norton at the neck and a Tone Zone at the bridge, damn fine sound.
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