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Hello...I'm building me a pedal board. I'll be sure to post pictures once it's done, but now i have a question.

I want to have all the wires under the board...and don't want to string wires through it every time i set it up.

So...I want to put input jacks for the amp, and effect loop send/return in the side of the board.

Just wondering what kind of jacks would work. Could i just use normal guitar input jacks, or would they not be sheilded well enough?

Thanks in advance for replies.
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I'm not really sure on this one, but I don't see why a normal guitar input jack wouldn't work....
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Yeah, a normal guitar jack would work well enough. Any 1/4" audio jack would work though. I would go for a 1/4" stereo jack.... just in case you end up getting into stereo effects you won't have to change out the jack.

But also remember this: The more uneccessary breaks in your audio chain... the more it's going to bleed sound out of it. Having a seperate jack on your pedalboard seems kind of uneccesary to me sine you're going to have an input for whatever pedal you choose to put first.... You could use that pedal as your input, then put all the rest of the wires under the board. It would pretty much be the same thing. Without having an unneccesary jack that will bleed sound.

Me, personally... I like my pedalboards to be versatile with a lot of things that aren't permanant like brackets and holes. I have two 4" strips of velcro across the top of my pedalboard that allow me to attatch and detatch any pedals I want... Giving me the ability to change my chain very quickly... The only thing that is peramant is the placement of my wah.

Designing stuff like this interests me quite a bit so if you're interested PM me or get ahold me on AOL or something and maybe I can make up some technical drawings that better explains what I mean... Sounds like a fun little project though and you've got some good ideas.
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