The ball has dropped

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So's 2k7...CAKE FIGHT!
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Yeah I know and I said I would stop smoking :( Now the mental battle begins. Damn Cigarette Companies got me hooked like a junkie :mad:
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JK :cool:

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I want some cake. HAPPY NEW YEAR!
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Happy New Year all!!!!! My only resolution is to play guitar more often. It's been difficult since my son was born a year ago!
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Happy New Year!!!!! My new years resolutions are to play guitar more often, and come on gt more often. O, and possibly learn how to morph myself into some kind of woodland creauture, that'd be kind of cool
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Man, went to a party at my bestfriends girlfriends place the other night, go so trashed... I learned a valuable lesson tho. NEVER mix Bacardi gold, jack, and watermelon vodka with flat mountain dew.... never.

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Originally Posted by: ThraxionNEVER mix Bacardi gold, jack, and watermelon vodka with flat mountain dew.... never.

Also, never mix eggnog, rum, and no-name cherry cola.

I didn't make a resolution this year. My last-year resolution was to play guitar for at least an hour every day, and we all know how that turned out. :rolleyes:
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i had a groovy new year...bonding and emotional one too with friends...

where's my cheese? :D
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Happy New Year! I made a resolution to quit smoking as well. I don't think it'll be that hard since I only smoke when I drink, and I'm not drinking for the next week. Hopefully that will work.

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"the ball has dropped"...heh heh...

uh, I never really do new years resolutions...never saw a need to. If I have a problem with myself, I dont wait a year to fix it... hahah.

but I still support those who do try a resolution.... :o
JK :cool:

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