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so I got an Ipod for Christmas. pretty nice, 30 gig vid.

....and my dad wakes me up this morning saying he was playing with it, and it suddenly froze up.
so I asked for it, saw that it was indeed frozen- it wont turn off, change song, volume, nada. when I plug it into the computer via USB, still nothing.

....POS Ipod. :mad:
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If you look in the instructions you will see you can do a full reset.

Do it and you will be just fine shiny and new !
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how dodgy...my friends that have been using ipod for ages never had any problems...ah well...ill just stick to my pathetic little 512mb ipod shuffle...works fine for me too....send it back for repair!
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well the problem was that even when I plugged it into the computer, it still was frozen and the computer didnt even realize it was there.

however, good news is that a friend of mine has the same problem with her ipod, and all you have to do is switch the hold button back and forth a couple times, then hold down menu and the center button down till the ipod comes out of it.

...weird. good news is, though... that it works.
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I have the exact same Ipod. Got it for Christmas, and I love the crap out of it. Good to know what to do when it freezes.
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