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12/22/2006 5:48 am
I used to watch movies all the time, but have gone a pretty good while without watching much, until just recently. I've been watching movies left and right for the past 2 months or so, and have seen some good ones, and some not so good ones. I'm just curious as to what all ya'll have seen this year (doesn't have to have been released this year), and what you thought about it, WITHOUT GIVING AWAY ANY SPOILERS!!!!

Here's a list of the movies that I've seen this year, and what I thought about them...

Aeon Flux - entertaining, overall pretty good
Grandma's Boy - very funny!
The Island - pretty good
War Of The Worlds - was worth watching, but not as good as expected
Wedding Crashers - very good movie, and very funny!
Exorcism of Emily Rose - I'd give it one and a half thumbs up
Final Destination 3 - best one so far
Hostel - good movie, and pretty gory if you like that sort of thing
Saw II - very good! can't wait to see Saw III
Silent Hill - very good horror+suspense thriller
The Hills Have Eyes - same story line as Wrong Turn... not too bad
A History Of Violence - enjoyable, but nothing special
Poseidon - way better than I expected
The Ring Two - about as lame as the first one IMO
Ultraviolet - I thought this was going to be a knock off of Aeon Flux, but it was much better if you ask me
V For Vendetta - a very good movie
Click - this really surprised me at how good of a movie this was
Failure To Launch - fun to watch
Kiss Kiss Bang Bang - pretty good, lots of witty banter
Pirates Of The Caribbean - Dead Man's Chest - another great one
The Longest Yard - I never saw the original, but I really enjoyed this one
Serenity - a nice sci-fi movie
Transporter 2 - lots of action to keep you on your toes
Half Light - slow going, but decent
An American Haunting - based on a true story, and the family is supposed to have moved to a town just 30 miles up the road from me... a pretty good movie
Fragile - this one was ok, but nothing special at all
Monster-in-Law - if you like Jello... I mean, J-Lo, you'll like this one... it was pretty entertaining, and I enjoyed it
X-Men: The Last Stand - another great X-Men movie
Clerks 2 - doesn't top the first one, but was still a must see for a Clerks fan
The Da Vinci Code - this movie was way way too long, but pretty enjoyable
The Benchwarmers - this was a good "feel good" type of movie
Larry The Cable Guy: Health Inspector - typical LTCG stuff, so if you dont' like him, you won't like this movie, but if you do, then you might and might not like it... I enjoyed it, but it might have just been because of the mood I was in when I watched it
Beerfest - Every beer drinker should watch this movie!
Pulse - pretty good, but not as good as I was expecting
Superman Returns - I really liked this one, and was glad to see that it wasn't a remake, and the guy who played Superman actually did a pretty good job
Talladega Nights - how could anyone not like this movie? I thought it was hilarious.
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