I'll play my strat till I die, But that's alright

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A blues jam that I've been jamming on lately... took the beat from Dust N Bones by Guns N Roses...... It's about the same speed... and you can hear the "That's Alright" in that song as well..... The guitar riffs that I use are pretty different though.... anyway.... just wanted to share... it's pretty basic, but it's a blues song and the lyrics are kind of secondary.... I'll get this recorded soon hopefully.

I've been driving half the night
Towards a big orange glow up in the sky
I can't see past my headlights...
But that's alright

I played my last show at Spot 9
The boys tried to keep up, they fell behind
I'll play my strat till I die...
But that's alright

I'm watching headlights pass me by
I've got this girl on my mind
And my car only does 55...
But that's alright

Headin up Highway 65
Headlights hit me in my eye
So bright they make me blind
But that's alright

Don't need to see where to go
Let the lights of Chicago guide me home
What time is tomorrows show?
Man, I don't know.
I don't care bout that no more
Chicago, I'm coming home
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