John Mayer plays a solo with a fans camera.

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Haha, I've been on a big John Mayer kick lately... Learning just about every song by his that I can. Last night I learned most of his John Mayer Trio album.... has some classic blues stuff on there including a cover of Hendrix's "Wait Until Tomorrow" and Ray Charles' "I Got A Woman"....

This is John getting down on a jam of "Slow Dancing in a Burning Room" off his newest album Continuum.... Half way through it he grabs the fans camera and uses it to play the solo.... It looks like he's only picking with the camera... I've seen vids of him playing slide with fan's cameras before... I just thought this one was cool since the camera was on at the time:
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Interesting trick, but couldn't stand the bad audio. :eek:
My Direct tv satellite has a channel that has recently been airing a whole concert by him I recorded. Great stuff.
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