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Ok, I know that Zoom has a really bad history of anything they make but i saw this: http://www.zoom.co.jp/english/products/g92tt/index.php

And it seems pretty cool so i read alot of reveiws and Most of them said it was Amazing and that it is better than a boss GT-8, Pod XTlive, and even rocktron(which although i dont have experience with i hear are really good)
The features seem really good and it has tubes in it.
what do you think about this? i was previously looknig at the GT-8 but now im looking at this
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i have heard alot of bad things about zoom but i have never personally tried any of there products, the ideal solution would be to try it agianst one or all of the other pedels at the price range. If its tubes you are after you could check out the vox multieffects range, it uses alot of korg technology and i love my korg pedal
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It seems like Line6 PodXt Live clone, but with tube, like in Vox tone lab...
Don't believe this...only soundcheck can help to understand this Zoom.
nevertheless i don't think that it's better than Line6 or Vox.
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i guess ill have to try it but alot of testimonials say it is much better . its just about in the same price range so it seems not too hard to believe if i ever end up trying it ill elaborate on it but if anyone has any knowledge or comments or have played it or anything feel free to say whatever you want it may help
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I have a friend who bought one of those over a Boss Gt8, he thinks its great, I've never really heard it, but to be honest I think I'd still go with my Pod Xtlive.
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I've only ever tried a 505 many years ago, which was total rubbish, but not comparible to this. It has forever coloured my opinion of zoom generally though.

I think it depends on how you want to use it. I got a PODxt Live to hook up to my PC for easy recording, and I carry it as an emergency rig when I'm out playing, but have not used it live yet. The POD has USB, which the others don't. If you want to use the zoom with a PC to record or to edit patches etc you'll need a midi device of some sort and a cable. When I had the choice it was GT8 or PODxt, the USB connectivity was the winner really - I tweaked both of them to get the sounds I wanted. What amp will you put it through>?

No idea on the quality of it, but yeah, the reviews are good. Harmony Central link here if anyone is interested...

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Yeah the 505 series did my nut in. I'd be interested to hear how this one sounds though. Better than the GT-8? It's got its work cut out :p .
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