Boss SD-1

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Paid $60CDN on ebay.
List on Musicians Friend ~$50USD.


*Built like a tank
*It's a Boss
*Nice colour (Yellow stands out in pedalboard) :p
*Rubber grips, on pedal and floor
*I prefer stepping on a whole block than locating and mxr style switch
*Knobs have a true turning resistance feel
*Adds lots of volume to cleans and a nice blues crunch to cleans
*Has tone knob
*Adds killer sustain to overdriven amp

*Very midrangy-maybe not suitable for all tastes
*Colours overdriven tone quite a bit (for example-as opposed to mxr zw-44)

I've had this pedal for a month now. I play it using a marshall mg50 and an OLP Petrucci (also reviewed by me). It's a solid little bugger. I use it only as a boost over my amp's od. I don't fancy the ampt OD so much, so i set it around 4-5 and on the pedal I do;volume 5, gain 1, tone 3. It gives a huge OD boost, which is great for solos. It's a boss so you know you can count on it. I'd even consider having two on the pedal board.

It could be best compared to a ZW-44 that colours the sound a lot more and doesn't have a faulty switch.

I'd definatley reccomend this to anyone wishing to add a boost to their od channel. If you are using it as a stand alone overdrive pedal...try it first, you may be dissapointed. But as far as adding boost, a tiny bit of gain boost goes a long way.

If stolen, I'd definately buy another, then find out who stole it and beat them with it.
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yay for no help...awesome pedal...ive yet to step on one...or use...either way i have yet to make one function according to my demand...
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Looks pretty good for a relatively cheap pedal. Have fun with it!
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it can really chunk up in front of a MT-2 as well, nice.
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Thanks for the review.
I love mine and use it mainly for a boost as well. It is a bit mid rangey but that works live to cut through.
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