Ibanez AEG10NETNG (nylon acoustic/electric)

R. Shackleferd
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R. Shackleferd
Gulf Coaster
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10/02/2006 5:40 am

Price I paid: $299 retail...plus tax

  • Low price, considering features

  • Nice tone, acoustic, amped, and recorded directly

  • Spruce top, mahogony back/sides (binding and finish both excellent)

  • Onboard Fishman Sonicore pickup with 3 band eq and "shape" sliders, and phase reversal switch

  • Onboard illuminated tuner

  • Standard 1/4" or XLR outputs

  • Cutaway


  • Only one strap peg on bottom, not one near neck joint

  • Not the lowest action as is from factory

  • Plastic, imitation pearloid tuning pegs

  • Uses 2 AA batteries

  • As shown in pic, no inlaid fret markers, only dots on top edge of fretboard

Let me first state that while it's strung with nylon, this is not a "true" classical guitar, as it's neck width is thinner like a standard steel string acoustic. I still play classical pieces on it, but after learning those on my student Yamaha classical, it took a little getting used to. So really, this could either be a pro or a con, depending on your own personal preference and usage. Otherwise I had to really think on the cons list, and even those don't lower my satisfaction of it at all. While it does have nice acoustic tone by itself, it truly excels in recording and live applications. I've also found the onboard tuner quite convenient as well.
I picked it up at the store and was impressed with the tone and electronics...then I looked at the tag and was pleasantly surprised! Overall this is just a great value. Ibanez has several variances of the AEG series, from different finishes, to steel string models, which I presume are of similar or equivalent quality.
And finally, should you want to hear it, the songs Sonata in A, Bridal March, and May GT, linked to in "tunes" below in signature, feature this guitar.
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