Ladies and gents, I'm afraid I must bid farewell for the time being

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Fear not, I'll be back, but I'm going to be scarce for the next few months as I've enlisted in the Army which is [obviously] going to keep me busy for a while. This will probably be my last chance to post before I head off to basic training.

Obviously, a statement like that stirs up quite a varied and passionate collection of responses; I doubt I'll get to read many of yours, but I do want to say thanks to everybody and I'm looking forward to having regular access to the internet again and getting back to my moderational duties.

Take care, y'all... I'll be seeing you around.

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We'll miss ya, Rask... take care and good luck. :)
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See ya around dude.

Good luck with the army.
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Take good care Rask ! Look after your self mate !!
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We love you dude and never mind politics...your a brave man making a sacrifice.This country is behind you.Stay safe friend and god bless.
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Take care ol' buddy.
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I never would have pegged you as a "join the army" type. But then, I never knew your name was John until just now.

Best of luck with the army thing, Rask. Just don't get killed, I like you.
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Take care and good luck. You can't see it but right now, I am snapping off a rather crisp salute to you! I will offer you the same advice my father gave me when I left for boot; the longer they have to look at your name tag to figure out who you are, the better. Keep your head down, do what they tell you to do when they tell you to do it and you'll be fine. Another ol' timer told me "If it moves, salute it. If it doesn't move, paint it."

In all seriousness though, I'm proud to know you (albeit through the boards...) and you're entering a brotherhood that you will always be a part of no matter what. Be careful and be proud.

Now, GO and DO. All of America thanks you.
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Farewell (for now) and good luck! It's definitely an honorable and noble decision. Wish you only the best for the rest, whatever that journey may bring.
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Hey, take one of these with you...

... you could shoot and practice scales at the same time.
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Alas, Schmange, I must spread reputation around before giving it to you again.
"It's all folk music... I ain't never heard no horse sing!"
- Attributed variously to Leadbelly and Louis Armstrong

If at first you don't succeed, you are obviously not Chuck Norris.

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Be well, be safe, be back soon.
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Fare thee well
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Yeah for sure, take care of yourself. Who knows how long this thing will drag on.
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Take care of yourself. :)

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Atta boy, rask. I like you alot man, keep rockin.
JK :cool:

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What job will you be doing in the army?
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best of luck dude!!
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