My Guitars' Birthday!

Andrew Sa
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Hey guys....just thought I'd let you know, my PRS Custom 22 artist package (you've all seen her...I make an effort to post pics whenever appropriate) turned one today! a year ago today I bought her from Guitars4you in Ashbourne, Derbyshire...what a great buy!

anyway, her name is I hoped I could get you all to join in...everybody!
"Happy Birthday To you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday dear Catherine, happy Birthday to you!...."

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Happy Birthday Catherine!!!!

I'm not exactly sure how old my baby is. She was used in a NAMM show before I adopted her. I'm guessing she's somewhere around 5 years old now.

Here she is giving her little cousin a toast....

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Happy birthday Catherine Axe!!
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Thats so cute Andrew.

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Happy Byah - rthday Cat.
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earthman buck
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That's awesome. Happy birthday, Catherine!

It's interesting you should bring this up, for I know my guitars' birthdays too. My strat's is December 30, and my AE500's is June 19, the day before mine.
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happy birthday cat! :D
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