My new baby...

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A Taylor NS32-CE Nylon Edition

I think I'm in love, and I must post some pictures on it on every useless website I have.

It was difficult finding the right classical though. Because I wanted the body to cut away and have fret markings on the neck. But all worth while.

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How dare you say the "S" word in the presence of someone who just bought a guitar 3 hours ago. You're going to get "smucked" (my new past tense of smack.

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Play it, enjoy it :)
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Congratulations, sounds like a really nice guitar !!
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Holy crap.. I thought you were pregnant.
Don't do that to me.
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Welcome to the GD section! Now, stop making me jealous, with all your Taylors!!!!!!!!!!!!! :(
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ah Holly, you always make me jealous...

nice axe eh.
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