Ibanez Rg 1527 Prestige '06

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I ordered this guitar at Long and Mcquade in Canada and it cost $999 plus tax, which made it approximately $1150.

-Price has decreased since this model first was created
- easy transition from 6 to 7 strings , ( you get used to it within a couple hours)
-Custom fit hardcase included
-Lighter than my 6 string RG

-Although it is cheaper, i believe it is because they switched wood providers and the neck isnt as great as older models
-Wasn't in tune out of the box like some people mention in their reveiws
-picku[ps are decent but i expected more from a prestige guitar

Okay For anyone who has wanted a Jem or K-7 but dosent have the money Get the RG1527 and you will not be dissappointed, It is absolutely stunning the Royal blue finish looks really dark from far away but close up you can see it sparkle. The Edge Pro bridge is Fabulous it stays in tune just fine and although i would have prefered an Edge lo-pro bridge this is just about as good. I believe the logo on the headstock is Beautiful im not sure what it is made of but it looks great.The hardware is a nice Gunmetal sort of colour but it accents the guitar pretty well. The dots on the inlay are a little smaller than the average guitar, what can i say, this guitar is Classy in the visuals but is a shredders dream. The neck is extremely smooth, the radius on the prestige guitars are only slightly wider than a regular RG but it makes it so much better.The only thing that i would change is the pcikups but not now anyways they are decent enough to last a while but for "the sound" im looking for ill need something else. But the clean soyund is Spectacular when the pickup selector switch is in the second position

All in all, in My opinion this guitar was worth every penny and i suggest it to anyone who plays any style really but especially for metal. if you have any questions or comments, dont hesitate to post.
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