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Anyone exploring the wide world of effects pedals... or just generally curious about the tone of your guitar, setting your effects pedals, setting your amp... etc... Check this out!!! I found this on the Boss website when I was printing off a new Owners Manual for my GT-8.

This guide obviously only deals with Boss pedals... but every pedal follows the same basic concepts. The settings will be relatively the same for any pedal that you get... I recommend Boss pedals to anyone looking to buy them... if you're curious about tone. Check out the Guitar Effects Guidebook that you can download at the link at the bottom of this page...

There's a !!!TON!!! of good info on here about tone. I think it will be very helpful in the future when people come to the site and ask questions about effects pedals and settings on effects pedals... Anyway... Check it.
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The answer to my prayers!
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I have a Fender G-DEC Junior Amp And a LTD Blue 200QM with had 10 guage strings on it went to 9. i have read owners book still dont understand how to dial in for bules and country songs? And i know most cords. Guitar shop where i got did strings and ADJ. But the Intonation i think needs to be adj. I have a TonePros® Tune-o-matic on it. i watch video and its out. do i have lossing screws on brige to adj it? Iam sorry 3 ? i have. whats a good tube amp but not to high on price? Iam like ur lessons i plan on use it all i can. THANKS A LOT!! Rick
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Blues/Country tone - Most blues and country tones are based on a clean amp setting that's slightly overdriven. I'm not familiar with the Fender G-Dec amp... but I imagine it has amp models and some DSP effects.

Look for an amp model on your amp that gives a nice clean tone... then either add an overdrive effect or turn the gain up just a bit.

For intonation on the TonePros bridge you can adjust the saddles (where the strings set) forward and backward. This shortens or lenghtens the distance between the bridge point of contact and the nut point of contact. This gives the guitar it's "scale". To find the intonation you tune your string to which ever note it's suppose to be, lets say E.... Then, you fret the guitar at the 12th fret and see how far off it is... if it's sharp, you shorten the scale (move the saddle toward the nut. If it's flat, you lengthen the scale (move the saddle away from the nut). Keep doing this until the note played at open is the same as the note played at the 12th fret. Trial and error really

There are some good budget tube amps on the market these days for good prices. A lot more than there were 10 years ago. I'd say have a look at these amps:

Crate Black Heart
Epiphone Valve Junior
Marshall Class 5
Marshall Haze

Even now, there are some good sounding "hybrid" amplifiers... which use solid state power amp sections and tube preamp sections. This keeps costs down as well... Check out the VOX Valvetronix amps... good bang for the buck.
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Originally Posted by: headshotX187Ii have read owners book still dont understand how to dial in for bules and country songs?

Give these settings a try:

Amp Type - British 1
Gain - 8.0
Volume - 7.5
Bass - 10.0
Midrange - 7.1
Treble - 8.0
Compression - Low
Timbre - Bass Boost
Noise Gate - Super
Effects - Tape Delay
Delay Time - 4.0
Feedback - 4.0
FX Lvl - 4.5
Flutter - 8
Brightness - 4.0
Reverb - Small Plate
Reverb Level - 6.0

You should use your neck pickup (or neck / mid if Strat). Volume 8 - 10. Tone around 7.

Play rhythm closer to the bridge, lead closer to the neck.

If you use an outboard overdrive, keep it mild.
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One thing that hasn't been mentioned yet is ... you really need to learn to play the amp and any pedals as well as your guitar. Thankfully, the amp is a bit easier. That being said, having the right guitar & amp helps a lot. Guitarists are always searching for great tone. Usually what sounds good for the kind of music you play. A Tele sounds like a Tele, Les Paul sounds like a humbucker equipped instrument. That sort of thing. Personally, I have a Strat. It covers 90% of what I play.

You have to learn what all the knobs and sliders do on your amp, right along with your guitar. Pick a real easy song, it can even be a warmup exercise. Use some of the settings posted here as a base. Play some... tweak some settings. Repeat. Don't be afraid of going back if you need to. Write your settings down when you find stuff that sounds good! You might find that a very slight adjustment here and there is all you need.
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Great place to mess with tone:
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