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07/10/2006 2:27 pm
I have an omen 7 schecter guitar (gotta say must of the schecter 7 string look kind of "the same") so the deal is:

I bought it in mexico almost 2 years from now but the model I got still has the triangular headstock so maybe the design of the guitar has changend a bit since then. The thing is, I have no complains bout my omen 7 (I never played it tru a big bad amp, just my POD XT and my little Laney Hardcoremax but it sounds pretty nice.

Pick Ups are duncan designed, your damien may have the EMG's, If you ask me the duncans have a bit more "mellow" sound a bit bassy but with some work you can get a nice edgy sound (wich i prefer, I love to try the model with the EMG's) so if you are intrested in Metal, trash sound it's maybe the right choice.

The overall finish of the guitar it's pretty cool, mine maybe saw a little too much time at the store cause had small dents on the fretboard but tunners, bridge, finish, the whole thing it's pretty nice.

As I said mine seems to be kind of old, not sure the kind of wood it is made of but let me tell you, the damn thing is HEAVY, maybe new models are a bit lighter (and most likelly you allready tried one).

Too sum up,

You get as much as you may think (or more) for the price.
Never used a pro level 7 string but schecter works wonders for me.
The new line has EMG's and if metal it's your bag... go for it.
Design and finish are really good.


Depending on the model variations previously mentioned*

Heavy guitars, and belive me I MEAN HEAVY
Not available with floyd rose tremolo (it's that a con??... dunno maybe)

Other than that, get you money, go get that guitar and start living in the world of low tunnings (wich it's a petty nice place let me tell ya)
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