GAHHH decisions.

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okay, after working all summer, Im going to have enough money to buy some pretty good stuff.

basically Ive narrowed it down to two things that Ive been wanting.

a Tube amp
a synth keyboard.

I can afford the Peavy Valve King 112 combo and the Korg MicroKORG. The reviews for both are great, but Ive just really been trying to decide which I need more.

I have both an amp and a keyboard at the moment. both are cheap as crap (behringer amp and Casio keyboard) and dont have really good tone. True, I have tweaked the Behringer to get some good tones, but its far from a good tube amp's tone. As for the Keyboard... its just cheap.

I play alot of weirdish stuff. thats part of the reason I want a Synth, so I can get tons of awesome sounds out of it. Also I want it as a good background instrument, as I play alot of metal too.

according to the Peavy reviews, its mostly a blues amp. Thats great though, because I'll be playing through the clean channel with my Digitech.

so yeah, sorry for the rant. I just really cant decide what I want. Do any of you have suggestions?

or even suggestions for better equitment I dont know about? ($450 tops)

thanks guys.
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Looks like you've picked out some good gear. You won't be going wrong with he Valveking. If anything, you might want to replace th crappy stock speaker, but other than that, it's quite a versatile amp. I've heard lots of different tones come out of it. Everything from sparkling cleans to screaming metal. I'm not sure what to tell you about the keyboard though. I might be wrong, but I don't think it has full sized keys, and you will find out that that sucks... quickly. I would look for something that has atleast 49 weighted, or semi-weighted, velocity sensitive keys. This will be more comfortable to play, and will let you be more dynamic in how you play.
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thanks, man.

yeah I'd read alot of the reviews about the small keys. but really, I cant find a synth with all these features for this little price. Im wondering if somehow I could rig up the Korg to my current keyboard and use it to modulate its sound.

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I have a Microkorg (well my mate does and I play it alot) and he runs it into his Korg Electribe Esx1 and samples the sounds as really is awesome.

That said, I would get a nice amp first...not sure why, but thats what I would do...and by all accounts, the valveking is a nice amp
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