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Well, I'm minor in guitar performance at Shepherd university. I'm required to get a classical guitar. I've been playing for 7 years, so I know all the standard advice of going to a store see what you like, search the web, ect. Does anyone have any name brands they particularly like in the classical guitar area, because I have no idea what I'm getting myself into.

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The only classical guitar I've played is one that my music teacher built, so I don't know what name brands are best. If it was me and I was required to get one, I would just get the cheapest one that didn't sound like crap. Don't some brands make classical guitar starter kits? That could be worth looking into.
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I'd go with Yamaha to begin with. They make both budget classicals and really beautiful ones, and they're all good quality. If you can afford it, though, perhaps an Esteve!
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I've played classical guitar for a while now, and I'd say go with Alvarez, some really nice classical ones.
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I have found Miguel Rodriguez (did I spell that right?) guitars to be awesome...but also expensive...hence I dont own one...but they're really nice
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