Selling Gear At Music Stores

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Hi im planning on selling a B.C. rich warlock platinum pro and im going to bring it to long and mcquade to see how much they will offer does anyone have any experience or a better way to sell it please tell me about it
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I have only dealt with a trade situation with a music store where I traded a used strat for a newer strat.

Bottom line. I got Screwed. :mad:

Take a realistic critical look at your axe and just sell it on e-bay or you local paper. Or sell it to another person you know who is seriously thinkng of taking up guitar. This way you know it is going to a good home (like a pet).

We don't buy guitars for profit or investment value. It has some history with you and some mileage, even it's own "character". Pass it along.

That's my 2 cents.
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I've taken stuff into stores before to sell, and walked right back out with it....They usually only offer about 1/2 of what it's really worth. Your better off selling it yourself.
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A while back I thought of selling my Ibanez RG 470 and aside from being a little out of tune it's in perfect condition. The guy in the music store offered me $50, I laughed in his face.

My suggestions are e-bay, or take an ad out in a local paper. Craigslist has a for sale section that might be worth while as well. I also looked at your profile and noticed you're 16 or so, why not put up a flyer at school?

Either way you'll likely get a better deal if you sell it yourself than take it to a music store ;)
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Maybe sell it on consignment so you can set your own price.
But I wouldn't sell it directly to a store cause you'll get screwed.
Personally, I'd try eBay. Take some really nice pics and do a great write-up on it, then let people slug it out. You can set a reserve price just in case.
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alright im gonna try to sell it to this friend of a friernd for 550 with a case it originally cost me about 800$
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that sounds fair...just dont rip anyone nice to your friends
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