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IF Anyone Has Tried Is it possible to get an accurate petrucci tone out of a boss gt-8 because it has ainly everything i want so far and if not any suggestions on what to use for that petrucci tone without a great deal of money i plan on getting a 7 string guitar and doinmg the whole petrucci thing so yea. . .
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I got Pertrucci's tone but it's not cheap... you can pretty much get any Petrucci tone from the Mesa Boogie Triaxis... as far as the 7 string goes, the Petrucci sig EBMM combined with the Triaxis nails it solid. Also, the Triaxis settings are posted on Check the site out for other amps and gear, you may be able to find a few suggestion in the forum for the GT-8
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People on the forum on will probably be able to help you out.
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