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i am planning on using single effects now but is there a way to press one button to go from just distortion to clean with chorus iv'e looked at some a/b switches and realized that they only have one input and two outputs or one output and two inputs or something i think i wouls need something with 3 inputs ( chorus, distortion, and guitar) and 3 outputs( Chorus, Distortion and To Amp) does anyone know where i can find something like this or have any ideas of what i can do ?
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A/B switches are usually used for selecting one of two inputs to an amp, or for routing a guitar signal to one of two amps.

You can set up output A to send your guitar signal to the chorus pedal and then to the amp clean channel, and output B to your distortion pedal or the amp's distortion channel?

I need more info on what you have, and how you want to hook it up. If you only have one amp, or your amp only has one channel, you night want to look at a multi-FX box with presets, or a midi controller.
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I believe you can find what you're looking for >here<.
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Similar to the device in the last post, but with only 2 loops.
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