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07/05/2001 3:33 am
Originally posted by Tolkien
when i go to bed at 4:00 in the morning it strikes

Yeah, its always when you're tired or when you least expect inspiration to strike. But a lot my best lyrics were written (rather unconsciously, if you will) very late at night. Its an amazing feeling when you wake up out of a sound sleep, only to be inspired by a dream or sometimes unfinished thoughts that started through out the day. Its amazing how some of your best thoughts can be transfered onto paper, without preparation, and without second thought. I write a lot of songs in the middle of the night, only to stash them away from months at a time. And then once I have to courage to look through all of this stuff, its such a weird feeling to read something so good (that you don't even remember writing.) You're less judgemental that way..:D

Originally posted by Martin Spaans
The most important is not to be disturbed. No screaming kids, telephone or just non musical thoughts in your head.
Free your mind and your axe will follow.

Yeah, I always unplug the phone especially after a long hard day, (during practice sessions,) when I'm filled with good ideas. My friends can always yell at me later when I have three or four new songs under my belt. :)

Originally posted by SteelSlider
I'm a night person, I hate sleep, and am at my most creative when I'm exhausted. Why? I have not one clue

Yeah, I'm also a night person, and for lot of reasons its because I'm so busy during the day, nighttime is the only time I can relax and collect my thoughts. Yeah, I always carry note pads, and in my Jeep a Martin Backpacker. Especially during coffee breaks, you never know when A good idea will hit, I guess thats what seperates musicians from rockstars. I love writing songs, its just something thats naturally inside of me...

Originally posted by Raskolnikov
I get inspiration in floods too. Usually when I'm depressed. Otherwise I'll just have maybe a verse or a line pop into my head. Regardless, I try and keep paper around me at all times.

For years, I used to write several different songs when I was in a really bad mood, because I tried to take advantage ofg those rough spots I was going through. But most recently, Ive found that inspiration can stroike just about anywhere, and to write a very memorable and natural masterpiece, it can even happen when you're disgustingly happy.:) I guess you have to learn to take advantage of all type of situations. Although, I must say that love songs do get a little sappy after a while.

Most recently, Ide have to say that my best ideas come close from home. Although for years Ive always tried to find excuses to get away and find the perfect inspiration, right now its at home, with my newspapers, and a nice cup of coffee.

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