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Fret spider
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Fret spider
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Joined: 12/14/05
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03/15/2006 11:33 pm
depends a lot on what style ur into

1. i would suggest some warm up
2. run through all all the modes of the majour scale and pentatonics and blues scale
3. run through harmonic minor and melodic minor ( and maybe some more) scales and all there modes. practice one real weird scale a day.
4.learn the basic 7th chords (like minor and majour sevenths etc) that go with the above scaleson the A and E strings. this will be harder than u mite think cos the harmonic minor ha agumented and diminished chords.
5. practice recognising intervals eg majour and minor thirds fiths sevenths and all the rest. this will not only allow u to do arpegios such much better but also allow u to recognise if a note is the root second third etc of the key u are playing over. try to know which note on the fretboard is a third fourth or whatever in the modes, start with just majour and minor. u could do this just by pikin notes or by bending a note the required interval.
6. practice some speed alt picking and legato, eg the three note per string patterns, and tapping.
7. string skipping exercises
8. sweep picking paterns.
9. practice odd rythms with a metronome. eg with a 4/4 time signature play numbers 2 and 4 or just 4. or randomly pick numbers 1 to 4 write it down and try to play it keeping ur rythm hand goin up and down even if u arnt playin the note (eg like normall chords), see a game what fun u could have. also practice changing from triplets to crotchets or quintumplets. do the above both in a lead and a rythm context.
10. practice ninth 11th 13th chords with roots on the A and E string.
11. practice sus2 and sus4 chords
12. practice vibrato and bends like 5 semitone bends.

now the fun stuff.

13. get a backin trak and do improv tryin to use the intervals bends and odd rythms u use that day. for instance try to play only in thirds and make it good or thirds and 6ths. do somethin different each day. mainly just experiment.
14. get or make a basic backing track with a few interesting chords, make each chord last about a bar when u begin although u can always use different inversions. at first all chords must be striktly in the key so that all notes in the scale will work over them. now try to do improve over this outlinin the chords by using the notes in them.
15. do the same as above but use chords that dont stricktly fit in the key. eg the 12 bar blues has 3 dominant seveth chords so u will have to slightly change the key u play in. at first stick to only the notes that 'work' with the chord eg the dominant seventh scale for each chord. once u can do this fluently play with using notes from a previous chord in a later one. when u do this play the 'wrong' note and follow it with a correct one. eg a bend or slide. this is know as resolving the note.
16. this is similar to above but get a simple chord progression made of simple power chords. u will find that u can switch to certain other scales at times in the song. for example if u r in a minor key and u play a 1 4 5 3 progression u willl be able to switch to the harmonic minor when u play over the 4th and 5th chord. ps i am not that sure how this works.
17. experiment, and make a riff up that is good which willl hopefully be inspired by the days practice. maybe it will use odd intervals or rythms
18. just to reward urself have a jam play what the hell u like and have fun.

after writin this i see it would take an age to do u mite have to split some of the stuff up but i would recomend practicin the scales chords intervals and rythms every day. then again if u have loads of time do it all.