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Another song I just got an idea for while sitting at work... This time its not an acoustic song... Its not about me, just something I thought up if I were in a certain situation... Kind of fictional... but someone out there can relate I'm sure... I need some help though I had a good start but it trickled out of my brain...


Fail to see
The ending
With my eyes
I can't see you anymore
Watch me die...
Staircase, Through the door
Clockwork, Tells the time...

Mark it down,
I'm not breathing,
I said, Mark it down,
Its gone and left,
I've taken my last breath,
Mark it down,
My time of death...

Fail to see
Me leaving
With your eyes
You can't see me anymore
You saw me die
Chances, You would take
Endings, You have made

thats where I'm at right now... any insight???
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People who have died could probably relate to that.
You go outside and practice screaming. We'll play music while you're gone.
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