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Well my laptop was stolen, so I won't be able to get on very often until it is returned (which is doubtful) or I save up enough to get a new computer. Its pretty homosexual because we have a witness who knows who it is, and everyone know it was him because he was the only one who left. Since he won't admit it over the phone to the police, he's "obviously" innocent. Fudge the police.

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That really sucks, you should go to his house/apartment when he's not home and just get it back. But I doubt its that simple, it never is. I hope everything works out okay.
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Steal his girlfriend that'll teach him! :p No but seriously that's terrible. Do some investigating use torture if you must.
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Originally Posted by: magicninjaSteal his girlfriend that'll teach him! :p No but seriously that's terrible. Do some investigating use torture if you must.

Yeah, I hear Hostel has some good torture scenes.......maybe you'll get some ideas there.
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If I lived near you I would be happy to investigate the situation with an alunimum bat, but no such luck.
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thats always such a **** mates phone was stolen like that a year or two back...we were all parking at her place and everyone knows this guy stole the phone...but he left, and there was nothing we could do to get it back...he claims not to have taken it, but we all know better...well, sorry to hear it Holly...lets hope you can all make the guy feel guilty enough to give it back...hopeful I know
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get yo homies and go to that sucka's house, knock on the door, hide, let ihm come out and back in, knock on the door again, hide, this time he'll walk outside and at this point there's 2 options:

1. get yo homies to jump that b*s**rd

2. get a group of yo homies to distract him and make him walk out of the door a bit while you sneak in his house and search and hopefully find the laptop. then jump that b*s**rd
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I'm with Hamm on this matter. If you are indeed 100% positive it was this guy, then he deserves a beatin. Thieves Suck! I've had all kinds of stuff stolen, mostly car stereo equipment. That also sucks!
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