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because it seems you guys might be the only ones familiar with this to help me out but i've been looking at getting a tonebone trimode to upgrade the distortion with my rig, i have a 59 bassman so i need a pedal for overdrive/distortion and my current pedal (marshall jackhammer i got for free) isn't good enough anymore. i was wondering if anyone has any experience with it and any comments. <-if anyone else wants to check out what i'm talking about.

as far as what distortion i'm looking for....the key word is flexability, you're talking about someone who listens to alice in chains, led zeppelin, pink floyd, nirvana, fishbone, funkadelic, primus, eddie hazel, the beatles, system of a down, blue meanies, charlie hunter, gwar, green day, bad religion, clutch, eels. so yeah....what i play lays somewhere between that and i'd like something diverse enough to hit a good bit of it, but not as time-consumingly complicated as a pedal board* and nothing that's sampled like a pod or other amp simulator (i, personally, can hear a difference unless it's used as a direct box with recording).

*i've literally spent over an hour in one sitting tweaking my current pedal just to make the tone match flawlessly with the clean tone on my amp and then making it stand out properly. post is done...goodbye.
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i know you said you didn't want anything like it, but the boss gt-8 was perfect for me. i had the exact same problem as you did, and the boss pretty much owns. the wah's not too good though, but the distortion is perfect. you can make any sound you want basically. if that's too much money for you you could get the gt-6.. i think it has the same distortion and customizability. if you're looking for one for a bass you could get the gt-6b. i had all three, but i traded the gt-6 for the newer version.
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Originally Posted by: sick_flipi know you said you didn't want anything like it

Yeah, I have a feeling he might not be out to purchase the Boss Gt-8
I want the bomb
I want the P-funk!

My band is better than yours...
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